Podia Review: Create and Sell Online Courses in 2021

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Looking for a Podia review and wondering if it’s the right platform to create and sell your online courses?

I get it– with a number of different course creation services to choose from, deciding on the right one can be a bit annoying.

But after hours of research and testing out various different eLearning platforms, I can tell you this: Podia is a hidden gem for online course creators!

In today’s in-depth Podia review, I’ll be outlining all its important features to help you make a sound decision.

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Podia Review 2021 Best Course Creation Platform

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What is Podia?

Podia is a super easy-to-use platform that lets you to create and sell online courses, memberships, and digitial downloads– all in one place!

In addition, you have the option to create email marketing campaigns and keep in touch with your students with an integrated online messaging system– all at a competitive price point.

Email Marketing Podia

Podia simplifies the entire process for creators (you!) so you don’t have to worry about the logistics or technical aspects because there is absolutely no coding required!

Nor do you have to stress about hosting courses on your own website, downloading additional plugins, custom CSS or dealing with constant updates.


Company Background

To give you a quick history on the company, Podia was launched in 2014 and was originally known as ‘Coach.’

However, in 2017– the company decided to change its name to Podia– a plural form of the word “podium.”

The company’s mission is to:

“Empower creative entrepreneurs to make a living doing what they love.”

And Podia has by far lived up to its quest.

With over 25,000 creators using Podia today, this platform is gaining popularity at a rapid speed.


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Podia Products Review

Podia is jam-packed with tons of amazing features, which I’ll discuss more of in a bit.

Here are the main product categories offered:

  • Online Courses
  • Memberships
  • Digital Downloads

Let’s take a look at each one of these features individually.


Try Podia for Free

Online Courses

One of the best features of Podia is their ridiculously easy-to-use course builder.

Your students will have no problem navigating through your courses.

Don’t have much technical knowledge? No problemo!

Podia takes care of the logistics side for you, allowing you to focus on what’s more important– creating content. 

Add Podia Product

For your sales page and storefront, choose from preset templates or build your own from scratch.

This is especially great for beginners, as well as seasoned creators who don’t want to waste time dealing with the all the techy stuff.

To create a course, simply add sections, copy paste or type in your text, drag and drop images and upload a variety of files (including videos, PDFs, checklists and so much more).

Podia Add Content

You may also use the drip content feature if you’d like to deliver your course in sections and over a period of time, rather than giving full access to your customers immediately.

Interested in adding quizzes? Add unlimited quizzes to course sections and test your students’ knowledge. At the end of each quiz, students will be presented with their score.

This is a fun way to keep your customers engaged and also a great method to track efficiency of your content; allowing you to make adjustments to course content, if needed.

Another cool feature is that you can pre-sell or pre-launch your online courses.

For instance, you can collect visitor’s emails before you launch your course.

Or, pre-sell your courses and collect payment prior to launching.

Most importantly, Podia’s user-interface is optimized for all devices— including desktops, mobiles, and tablets.


Podia Responsive


With a clean design and interface, you’ll be able to provide an outstanding learning experience for your customers.

Wanna get a feel of how it looks in action?


View my storefront on Podia IHMB


(Not to brag or anything, but I was able to create my course and storefront within an hour!)

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Create Podia Membership

Included with the Shaker plan, create a “members-only” site by offering different varieties of memberships.

Choose from a free membership, monthly, annual, multi-tier, or whatever else your creative mind can think of– you can create it on Podia!

Unlike other platforms, you don’t have to host your membership site separately.

With Podia, you have the option to include your online courses and digital downloads with your memberships, by offering a bundled package– all in one place.

Moreover, you can engage with your members via comments, private and publics posts, as well as email notifications.

Wanna connect your membership with Facebook, Palapa or Slack? You can do that, too!


Digital Downloads

Banner Products Podia offers

Interested in selling digital downloads? With Podia, feel free to sell anything that is downloadable.

This includes eBooks, PDF files, checklists, music, video files, texts, audio files…basically any file.

Even if you are offering digital downloads at no cost to potential customers, this is an excellent way to capture their email addresses and grow your customer base.

Furthermore, you have the option to bundle all of your downloadable products and sell them together as a packaged deal.

In-fact, at the time of writing, Podia is the only platform on the market that offers the option to bundle your digital products with online courses and memberships– all in one place.


Podia Pricing Plans

If you wanna get a feel of Podia’s platform before committing to a monthly or annual plan, try it out risk-free for 14 days.

By the way, their free trial comes with all the features that are included in the premium Shaker plan— allowing you to really get a feel of which plan is best suitable for you.

And you don’t even need a credit card to try it!

Podia’s price plans are up front and simple. They offer two plans to choose from: the Mover at $39/month and the Shaker at $79/month.

I will cover the different features of each plan in a minute.

IHMB Podia Plans
Try Podia free for 14 days


By the way, if you choose to pay annually, you’ll get 2 months free. 

Seriously, does it get any better than this?

Well, actually it does…

If you pay within the first 5 days of your free trial, Podia will knock off an additional 15% off monthly or annual plans…for the LIFETIME of your account!


Podia Review: Features Both Plans Include

Now, let’s talk about all the cool features both of the plans comes with:

  • Your own storefront – design your store to match your brand’s theme. You also have the option to use your own custom domain
  • Online Courses– create and sell unlimited courses. No third-party tools or plugins required
  • Digital Downloads– host, market and sell unlimited digital products, or offer it as a freebie– you decide. Sell any downloadable digital products (including music, PDFs, MP3 files, eBooks, templates, etc.)
  • Email Marketing– build your email list by capturing emails from visitors and students. Send unlimited emails and set up drip campaign emails to keep in touch with your customers. You can even track the open and click-through rates, as well as those who unsubscribed
  • Messaging– new feature that just launched! Keep in touch with your students using the built-in live chat tool. You have the option to enable or disable this feature
  • Zero Transaction Fees– absolutely no transaction fees on either plan! This is aside from the fees charged by Stripe of PayPal. However, Podia will not charge you any transaction fees (only pay a flat monthly fee for your plan, that’s it!)
  • 7-Days a Week Support– top-notch customer support! Live agents are available on weekdays via chat or email, and chatbot is available 24/7
  • Unlimited-ness (is that a word?!)- sell unlimited products, have unlimited customers, unlimited sales (no cap), send unlimited emails, messages and upload unlimited files
  • Instant Payouts– no delays in payments from Podia

Here’s a comparison chart of what each plan offers:

Pricing Plan Outline for Podia


Mover Plan

Mover plan Podia

The Mover plan is available at $39 per month. As mentioned above, you can save further by paying annually and/or purchasing their plan within the first 5 days of your free trial.

This plan is great if you’re a beginner who is ready to start selling online courses or digital products.

Even if you’re currently selling online courses and digital products on another platform, and you’re looking for a more affordable option with unlimited features, then the Mover plan is for you as well.

In my opinion, this plan is a winner if you’re only looking to create and sell online courses and digital downloads.

Plus, you can always upgrade to the Shaker plan whenever you’re ready.


Shaker Plan

Shake Plan Podia

So you’re already selling online courses and digital products, and are a seasoned creator who is looking to take their business to the next level.

You have a high volume of students and would like to offer memberships, as well as creating an afilliate program to market your products and further monetize your business.

Affiliates Podia

Basically, you’re looking for a cost-effective, reliable and long-term solution where customer support is superior.

In that case, the Shaker plan is the best option for you at a $79 per month price point (further discounts available as mentioned above).

Another cool feature this plan offers is the embedded buy buttons.

Simply add buy buttons to your own website, allowing your visitors to purchase products from the same page– without having to leave.

And check this…

If you’re selling on another platform, a Podia expert will migrate ALL of your content from the other platform to Podia for free!

This is golden! Just sit back, relax and focus on more important tasks while a Podia expert takes care of the rest for you.


Podia sign up free 14 days


Customer Support

Ok, if you’ve been doing any kind of research on Podia, I’m sure you’ve read raving reviews about their customer support team.

What I love most about Podia is their world-class support. No exaggeration here.

I emailed them on two separate occasions and received a reply within four and seven minutes!

Don’t believe me? Just send them an email and come back to this post. Leave me a comment at the end of this article and let me know about your experience!

Moreover, their support isn’t corporate-like. It’s more so like you’re chatting with a friend (yayy! I’m not a loner afterall).

Have any questions or need help? Podia’s team of experts will happily answer your questions with no hesitation.

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Payment options Podia

Payments on Podia are processed through PayPal or Stripe. You have the option to choose.

Podia pays out instantly and does not hold any of your funds, nor do they charge any transaction fees.

However, PayPal and Stripe will charge a standard transaction fee. Though this fee is typically 2.9% + $0.30, it will vary based on your location.

Also, to help drive more conversions, you have the option to offer your students monthly payment plans.

And another feature Podia offers for increasing conversions, is their super speedy, one-page checkout process for your customers.

Upon purchasing or signing-up for your products, customers can complete their order from the same page, without being redirected.

Try Podia for Free now


Want to integrate other apps to your Podia account? With Zapier, connect over 1,000 apps in just minutes.

This can be done within your Podia dashboard easily– no coding required.

For example, connect your email marketing service of choice– including MailChimp, ConvertKit, MailerLite and more.

To track your analytics, integrate Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel or HotJar.


Free Resources and Tools

Podia offers tons of free resources to help you succeed: ranging from the latest articles on how to grow your online business, to helpful step-by-step guides and even a free Product Bootcamp course.

If you have more specific questions, join Podia’s live demo every Tuesday at 4PM ET.

Podia free tools and resources

Personally, I thoroughly enjoy their email newsletters.

In fact, I find their email newsletters to be quite informative and packed with valuable information. They’re not annoying like most companies who flood your inbox with junk.

This further proves that Podia is genuinely interested in seeing its creators succeed.


Why I Switched to Podia

Ok, so I’m kinda embarrassed to share this but here it goes…

When I created my first free online course, I was looking for a completely free platform (yes, I was being a cheapskate).

And I found one– a WordPress plugin where visitors could sign-up directly on my website.

It ended up being a disaster!

From building the course, to designing it, configuring the welcome emails and so much more crap that went into it.

Frustrated, I ended up hiring a developer and even he couldn’t fix the issues. Moreover, the support team for that plugin was lost somewhere in the clouds.

Basically, I wasted valuable time, plus over a hundred bucks on hiring a developer.

(Ok, I’m done venting now!)


…then Podia happened

Upon testing out a couple of different platforms and after hours of research, I came across Podia.

There weren’t many reviews online so I was skeptical at first.

However, when I saw the free 14-day trial, it was a no brainer for my frugal self.

I signed up with quickness and honestly, I thought I’d only stick around for the free trial.

Boy was I wrong.

Within minutes of entering my Podia dashboard, I was drawn to how insanely easy it was for me to navigate through the platform.

An hour later, I not only had my course created, but also my customized sales page and storefront ready to go!

How to start a money making blog

…and I designed it myself (mind you, I have minimal tech experience so this is a big deal for me).

If it wasn’t for Podia’s free trial, their fab customer support, and outstanding user experience, I’d probably be dishing out more moolah elsewhere, for a fraction of what’s offered at Podia.

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Is Podia Right for You?

Overall, if you’re looking for an all-in-one, cost-effective platform that is super easy to use, offers a clean user experience for your customers, gives you the ability to sell unlimited online courses, digital products and memberships together in one place– all while offering superior customer support, then look no further than Podia.

In addition, if you don’t care for additional CSS or having control over customizing your courses, sales page and storefront, then Podia will be a better fit for you.

However, if you’re tech-savvy with advanced design skills and want complete control over customizations, then it’s safe to say that Podia may not meet your expectations.

Nonetheless, I highly recommend trying out Podia for free to get a feel for the platform.


Try Podia for Free


Final Thoughts

Podia is constantly improving and its friendly team of experts are always open to suggestions from creators.

There will be a lot more changes coming to the platform in the coming year, so be sure to bookmark this page and revisit for updates!

If you have any questions for me, feel free to contact me here.

I hope you found this Podia review helpful.

Which course builder are you currently using or planning to use? I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below!



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