How To Easily Install Google Analytics in WordPress for Beginners

How To Easily Install Google Analytics in Wordpress for Beginners

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In this post, I’ll show you how to easily install Google Analytics to your WordPress website.

It’s no secret that Google Analytics is by far one of the most powerful tools on the market today.

What’s even more appealing is that it’s completely free and easy to use; even for beginners.

Google Analytics offers useful data about your audience and how they interact with your website, as well as determining which channels drive the most traffic to your website.

For bloggers and online business owners, tracking important metrics is crucial for long-term success.

How to Install Google Analytics in WordPress

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Setting up Google Analytics

To get started, you’ll first need a Gmail account.

If you don’t have one, click here to sign up for a free account.

Step 1: Sign-up for Google Analytics

If you’ve already set up Google Analytics, skip to the next step.

Click here to visit the Google Analytics sign-up page

Then click Start for free.

how to start a money making blog google analytics start for free

You’ll then be redirected to the sign-in page.

Fom here, enter your Google account email or phone number.

Click Next.Click Next

Enter you password, then click Next.

Step 2: Account Setup

Enter your Account Name (your blog/website name).

Enter Account Name

Under the Account Data Sharing Settings, you’ll see 4 boxes prechecked.

Leave them as is, unless you don’t want Google tracking particular data.

Click Next.

Account sharing data gmail

 Step 3: Choose Your Measure

Choose the option for Web: Measure your data.

Click Next.

Web Measure Gmail

Step 4: Property Setup

Enter your Website Name (i.e. I Hated My Boss).

Enter your Website URL (i.e.

Choose your Industry Category

> If your industry isn’t listed, choose Other

Reporting Time Zone

> This will automatically default based on your location’s time zone

> To select a different time zone, simply choose the one you desire

Click Create.

Click Create

Step 5: Accept Terms

Next, you’ll need to accept Google’s Terms of Service Agreement before proceeding.

Tick the appropriate fields.

Click I Accept.


You’re Google Analytics account is now set up!

MonsterInsights WordPress plugin

Linking Google Analytics to your WordPress website can be a bit tricky- especially for beginners.

However, MonsterInsights removes all the hassles and makes it incredibly easy to connect Google Analytics to your WordPress website.  

With more than 2 million active installations in WordPress, it’s no wonder MonsterInsights is the most popular Google Analytics plugin to integrate with your WordPress website.

I’ve personally tested a few Google Analytics plugins for WordPress, but MonsterInsights is by far the most effortless and beginner-friendly.

Additionally, it offers a ton of features to help you keep track of your website’s data in one place.

And it takes just a few minutes to set up!

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How to Install Google Analytics in WordPress with MonsterInsights

In this step-by-step tutorial, I’ll be walking you through the free version of the MonsterInsights plugin.

Let’s begin!

You’ll first want to install and activate the MonsterInsights plugin by accessing your WordPress dashboard.

Hover over Plugins, then click Add New.

WP Plugins

In the search field, type in MonsterInsights and hit enter.

Choose the following plugin: Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin for WordPress by MonsterInsights (see image below).

Now, click Install Now.

How to Install Google Analytics in WordPress for Beginners

Then click Activate. 

To access your MonsterInsights plugin, click Insights from your WordPress dashboard.

How to Install Google Analytics in WordPress by MonsterInsights

Next, you’ll need to set up your MonsterInsights account.

From your WordPress Dashboard, click Home.

Then click Setup Website Analytics.

How To Easily Install Google Analytics in WordPress For Beginners

Here, you’ll be asked to choose a category that best describes your website.

Select the one that applies to you.

Then click Save and Continue.

MonsterInsights Google Analytics plugin

Next, click Connect MonsterInsights.

Connect MonsterInsights WordPress

You will then be directed to Google.

From here, choose the Gmail account you wish to connect to MonsterInsights.

Gmail account for Google AnalyticsNext, click Allow for MonsterInsights to access your Google Analytics account.

How to Install Google Analytics in WordPress for Beginners

After that, you will need to select the profile for your website (this is your blog or website’s name).

Then click Complete Connection.

Connect Google Analytics to MonsterInsights Complete

Once MonsterInsights has installed Google Analytics to your WordPress website, you’ll see Recommended Settings.

How to Install Google Analytics in WordPress for Beginners

The default settings recommended by MonsterInsights works just fine.

However, if any of the other settings apply to you, simply make your desired changes.

Then scroll down and click Save and continue.

How to Install Google Analytics in WordPress for Beginners

Here, you will see add-ons recommended by MonsterInsights that are available in the Pro version.

To skip this step, simply scroll down and click Save and continue.

Recommended add-ons MonsterInsightsFrom here, click Finish Setup and Exit Wizard and you’re all set.

Finish setup exit wizard MonsterInsights

Congratulations! You’ve just installed the Google Analytics plugin by MonsterInsights to your WordPress website.

As a reminder, Google Analytics may take up to 24 hours to report data back to WordPress.

Once data is available, you can easily access your Google Analytics reports from within your WordPress dashboard.

To do so, hover over Insights and then click Reports.

MonsterInsights Google Analytics Reports

MonsterInsights Pricing Plans

Aside from the free version, MonsterInsights offers three additional premium plans you can choose from.

And if for any reason MonsterInsights doesn’t suit your needs, all pricing plans come with an unconditional 14-day money back guarantee. No questions asked!

Here’s a quick breakdown of each plan.

1. Plus Plan

Starting at $99.50/year, the Plus plan is ideal for small business owners and publishers with one website. 

2. Pro

The Pro plan includes 5 websites and costs $199.50. This is best for eCommerce sites and businesses who are interested in seeing huge results quickly.

3. Agency

Billed at $399.50/year, the Agency plan includes everything in the Pro plan, but comes with 25 websites and premium support. It’s best for marketing and web development agencies.

Get Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights



I hope you found this step-by-step tutorial on how to install Google Analytics by MonsterInsights to your WordPress website helpful.

If you’re looking for tips on how to increase website traffic, you’ll want to check out my post on how this article went viral.

Also, if you know anyone who would benefit from this post, it would mean so much to me if you could share it!

How to Install Google Analytics in WordPress

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