How To Get Free Website Traffic With Pinterest in 6 Easy Steps

How to get free website traffic with Pinterest in 6 easy steps

Last Updated on November 15, 2020 by Serish | I Hated My Boss

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I know what it feels like to barely get any blog traffic or page views.

Just a month ago, I was working really hard to create valuable content, but as soon as I hit the publish button….dead silence. 

Not even two people were on my blog at a given time.

It was really discouraging, to say the least. I felt like I was giving my all by reading endless “explode your blog traffic” articles, implementing all the tips I learned, and still…


I knew there had to be another way (there always is!).

So I decided to invest all my time in learning everything I possibly could about Pinterest.

And guess what happened within 30 days? My Pinterest monthly views jumped to over 100,000 and my website traffic increased by 300%, all for free!

(Currently at 706,000 as of October 2020)

How To Get Free Website Traffic From Pinterest in 6 Easy Steps

Know whatelse? I got a VIRAL pin, y’all!

As you can see from the screenshot below, this pin garnered over 200k impressions and it continues to increase on the daily. 

How to Make A Pinterest Pin Go Viral- I Hated My Boss

**Update (Nov 2020): Let me share another stat of my progress to show you just how powerful Pinterest is for bloggers.

These are my organic results from Pinterest ever since I started utilizing this freakin’ awesome tool. Here, you can see how all my pins combined garnered over 5 million impressions!

Pinterest growth strategies 5 million impressions I Hated My Boss

Still not convinced? 

Okay, okay- in case you’re still wondering: “What sets this blog post apart from the rest?”

Here’s the “secret”…

I learned everything about Pinterest, directly from Pinterest.

In fact, on February 11, 2020, Pinterest rolled out their best practices for creators to follow.

With that being said, if you’re looking to grow your blog traffic with the latest Pinterest strategies and don’t wanna spend hours researching– then this post is for you!

Wanna read this later? Pin it here:

How to get free website traffic with Pinterest

(This post may contain affiliate links. I only recommend products and services I absolutely love. Thanks for your support!)


How I Used Pinterest To Get Free Website Traffic

How To Get Free Website Traffic From Pinterest in 6 Easy Steps

When it comes to Pinterest’s algorithm, its focused on providing a better user experience to its 300+ million users.

And how do they plan on doing this?

By asking creators (us!) to create fresh new pins that are relevant.

Yes, it’s really that simple and I’m going to dive deeper into how you can increase your blog traffic.

But first…


How exactly did I grow my Pinterest traffic to over 100k viewers in 30 days?

After digesting everything I learned about Pinterest, I decided to put it all into action.

And here’s what happened…

In the first five days of my experiment, my Pinterest audience went from 4,000 to 10,000.

After seeing these results, I decided to manually pin on a daily basis– a combination of pinning my own pins and also repinning other pinners’ pins.

In a matter of just two weeks, my monthly Pinterest viewers jumped to 30,000 and I also started to see an increase in link clicks (over 150, but hey…it was an improvement!).

Link Clicks Blog Pinterest Marketing Strategies

Because daily pinning became such a headache and time consuming, I wanted to establish a more consistent Pinterest schedule…

So I signed up for Tailwind. 

With Tailwind, I was able to schedule my pins ahead of time so I wouldn’t have to worry about it every single day (I’ll talk more about this in a minute).

And seven days later, my Pinterest audience shot up to 69,000.

Monthly Audience Pinterest Marketing Strategies IHMB

I was ecstatic!

Furthermore, I had over 500 link clicks to my website and over 50 sign-ups for my free blogging e-Course.

This was huge motivation for me to keep pushing through, so I continued to create multiple new pins for each blog post.

And another week later, I hit 103,000 monthly viewers (yasss!!).

How To Get Free Website Traffic From Pinterest in 6 Easy Steps

>> Follow me here to see my live Pinterest growth

All in all, screenshots of my Pinterest analytics above is proof that this platform works like a charm (and it’s legit FREE website traffic!).


How To Get Free Website Traffic With Pinterest in 6 Easy Steps

Pinterest success isn’t simply about pinning. There’s an art to this process you must implement if you want to get fast and free website traffic with Pinterest.

Remember, you are creating a long-term Pinterest strategy in order to find true success.

And if you follow the six Pinterest strategies I’ve listed below, your blog traffic will significantly grow, too.


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1. Create fresh new pins

As mentioned earlier, Pinterest’s algorithm is all about improving its user experience, similar to Google’s SEO practices.

Therefore, Pinterest favors fresh new pins over old and outdated pins.

Now, what exactly does a “fresh” pin mean?

It’s pretty straightforward: fresh pin = brand new background image.

This doesn’t mean an image you personally haven’t used before, but rather an image that hasn’t been used in Pinterest’s database.

In fact, Pinterest can actually detect if a pin’s background image has been used by another pinner in the past.

Have you ever used the “visual search” feature on Pinterest? If you click on any pin, you’ll see a magnifying glass icon (also called Lens) on the bottom right corner.

Pinterest marketing strategies visual search example

The purpose of Lens is so that users can find similar ideas related to the particular pin they’re already viewing.

Once you click on the icon, Pinterest will load similar images that are related to that specific pin.

Check this out, here’s what happened when I clicked the visual search icon for the image above:

How To Get Free Website Traffic From Pinterest in 6 Easy Steps

As you can see, Pinterest’s algorithm was able to detect similar posts using the same exact image.

While the Pins are from different Pinterest accounts, with different texts and linked to different websites, the image is still the same.

And that’s a no no for Pinterest’s new algorithm.

Most importantly, if you continue using outdated practices, Pinterest may penalize your account as it may be detected as spam.

So it’s always best to stay ahead of the game.

Bonus tip: Pinterest wants you to “think like your audience.” So treat your Pinterest account like you’re a regular Pinterest user. Would you want to see the same content over and over again? I think not.

Taking that into consideration, it’s best to invest in new photos. Try not to use the well-known, free stock photo sites any longer.

You can grab low cost, royalty-free images at Shutterstock and choose from over 200 million images. And at the time of writing, they’re offering 10 free images with a free 30-day trial.

Start your FREE trial

Additionally, I use Canva to create all of my new pins and graphics for my website (a go-to tool for most bloggers!).

Although Canva offers a free version, the free images offered have been used a gazillion times by different users.

This is likely to have a negative impact on your pin impressions since Pinterest is no longer a fan of circulating the same images over and over again.

However, with Canva Pro, you’ll have access to their entire library of over 75+ million photos, videos and audio, along with a myriad of other cool features such as fonts, graphics, elements and priority support.

Plus, you can try it for free for 30 days.

Try Canva Pro for Free

Here’s a summary of best practices when creating new pins:

  • Use new background images
  • Create 4-6 new pins for each new or old blog post
  • Try different fonts and colors for each pin
  • Use image size 600 x 900 (or image ratio 2:3)
  • Link pin to relevant blogs (URL)

Additionally, if you want your pins to get more exposure, you’ll have to optimize your pin descriptions as well– which I’ll talk more about soon.

For now, let’s start with making some changes to your Pinterest board covers.

♥ Feeling overwhelmed with Pinterest because nothing seems to work? Let me personally help you accelerate your Pinterest growth!

Pinterest Audit and Coaching I Hated My Boss



2. Optimize Pinterest boards

Recently, I updated my Pinterest board covers to look more prettier and organized.

I did this by creating new covers for each board, and adding relevant text to describe what each board is about.

Chances are, when users come across your pin and like what they see, they may want to visit your profile to see your other pins.

Pinterest Covers Image I Hated My Boss

So you wanna make sure your profile is easy and fun to navigate.

For my Pinterest board covers, I used image size 600 x 600 px.


Put descriptions in your boards, too

Another thing I did to optimize my boards was adding a description to all of my Pinterest boards.

While most Pinterest users leave this area empty, as a blogger looking to increase website traffic, you can’t afford to do that. 

By adding a description, Pinterest will know what each board represents. This will also make it easier for users to locate your content.

To edit your board’s description, click on the pencil icon.

Pinterest edit board's description

Here, you can add keywords to describe your board.

Which brings me to this…


3. Pinterest SEO

Did you know Pinterest is one of the biggest visual search engines in the world?!

If you haven’t considered Pinterest SEO as part of your pinning strategy, then you’re totally missing out.

Impressively, there are over 600 million searches on Pinterest every month and a pin has a three-month lifespan (compared to Facebook at six hours and Twitter at fifteen minutes). 

Pinterest pins lifespan three monthsSource: MtoMConsulting

So, what exactly does this mean for you?

Your pins must be optimized so that the right audience can find your content.

And the best way to do this is by researching keywords that Pinterest users are entering in the search field. 

There are a couple of different ways you can do this, which I’ll show you here. 


Pinterest keyword research

If you want your pins to get exposure, then you’ll have to do some keyword research.

When users look for inspiration on Pinterest, they’ll enter a set of words in the search bar.

These are known as keywords.

Depending on your niche, you can use the search bar to find keywords related to your specific audience.

For example, let’s say you have a travel blog and recently wrote an article about traveling on a budget.

So you’d head on over to the Pinterest search bar and enter “travel on a budget.”

Pinterest SEO keyword search hacks

Here, you can see additional keywords that Pinterest suggests in the dropdown menu. This is based on recent popular searches that regular Pinterest users have searched for.

It’s basically like Google’s predictive search (or autocomplete).

Notice that Pinterest also suggested additional keywords that popped up below the search bar.

Pinterest suggested keywords algorithm 2020

This gives you more insight into what Pinterest users are searching for. As you can see, the keywords are quite specific.

Now, going back to the traveling on a budget example– you can add several related keywords in your pin’s description.

It would look something like this:

“Looking for tips on how to travel to the best places on a budget? Whether you’re low on income or traveling with family or kids, here are 9 creative hacks to make your money go far without breaking your bank.”

Make sure your descriptions flow naturally. Don’t stuff your description with keywords, as this will discourage people from clicking on your link.

How To Get Free Website Traffic With Pinterest in 6 Easy Steps


Use hashtags

Until recently, I didn’t know Pinterest supported hashtags. In fact, you can use up to 20 relevant hashtags per pin description.

To my surprise, pins with hashtags are said to get more exposure on the first day they’re saved. 

Please note: Don’t go back to your older pins and add hashtags, as this won’t help your content rank higher. It’ll only help with newly saved pins.

How To Get Free Website Traffic From Pinterest in 6 Easy Steps

Personally, I don’t like filling my descriptions with a bunch of hashtags because it appears unprofessional. 

Instead, I include up to six hashtags per pin description. I like my descriptions to flow naturally, so I prefer using more keywords than hashtags. 

However, I haven’t tested out the “more hashtags, the better” theory, yet.

(When I do, I’ll report my findings here)


4. Schedule your pins

There’s a darn good reason why nearly all bloggers rave about Tailwind.

Because manual pinning is super time consuming, it’s easy to lose track of pinning consistently.

Plus, I don’t have time to be on Pinterest all day long. We all have a life. 

Time is money.

And that’s where Tailwind comes to the rescue.

Tailwind allows me to schedule my pins weeks in advance and post to multiple boards at once.

They’re also official Pinterest partners. This means that Tailwind customizes their platform to be in-line with Pinterest’s algorithms, so you don’t have to do all the research yourself.

Moreover, my website traffic increased to 1,500 pageviews in just one month and my Pinterest views insanely increased as well.

Google Analytics Pageviews one month

Now I know these might not be significant numbers, but it’s a huge improvement in such a short period of time, which I wouldn’t have been able to achieve without Tailwind.

Moreover, their analytics are super helpful. It tells me when my audience is the most active and which time of day is best to post.

Quite frankly, I don’t wanna have to remember every Thursday at 5:03 PM that it’s time to post on Pinterest.

You can try it for free and see if it helps you, too.

Try Tailwind for FREE


5. Pin other pinner’s pins

Blogging is all about building a community and collaborating.

While most bloggers are not open to this, it’s a proven and effective strategy. Even the most popular bloggers in the industry collab with other bloggers.

Similarly, Pinterest wants us to share other people’s content as well.

>> Learn How To Monetize Your Blog With My FREE Six-Figure Blogger Course

Although there’s no particular ratio to this (or not that I know of), I like to use the 80/20 method.

I post 80% of my own content, and repin 20% of other pinner’s content.

Most importantly, make sure the pins you’re repinning are relevant to the board you’re saving it to.


6. Use Pinterest analytics

To get the most out of your account, you’ll need to create a Pinterest business account to track your pins’ performance.

I like to track my pins on a daily basis to see what’s working and what’s not.

How To Get Free Website Traffic From Pinterest in 6 Easy Steps

This allows me to create new pins with pin-worthy images and explore different font styles and sizes in order to test which pin is bringing the most free traffic to my website.

If you already have a personal Pinterest account, you can convert that easily with just a few clicks.

Pinterest Marketing Strategie for 2020 new algorithm revealed


Answering some of your top questions

Here are some of the most common questions I was emailed regarding the latest Pinterest algorithm change. 

Hopefully this gives you some more clarity. If you have any other questions, feel free to shoot me an email.


1. What if I edit an old image by rotating or flipping it, and adding different text?

If the image has already been used, it’s not considered a “fresh” pin.

You can try to fool the system, but Pinterest’s algorithm will eventually catch on to it. So it’s best to always stay within their guidelines.


2. Can I post a new pin with a new image, but link it to an old blog post?

Yes, you absolutely can! Pinterest doesn’t give priority to links (spam links and porn sites are banned, of course).

Meaning, you can create as many new pins, with new images, for the same blog post.

However, the link must be relevant to the image.

For example: Let’s assume your pin is about fitness but your image link leads to a website about animals– clearly the two aren’t relevant (sorry for such a horrible example LOL! I’m writing this at 4am– hopefully you got the idea).


3. Should I delete my old pins that aren’t performing well?

No, Pinterest does not recommend deleting any pins, whatsoever.

Though there are several bloggers suggesting you delete underperforming pins, do not do this!

Pins that aren’t getting much attention will not affect your other pins’ performance. And ya never know, those pins might become popular later!


4. How often should I post new pins?

Although there’s no specific number of pins you should post, Pinterest recommends posting on a consistent basis rather than a bunch at once. 

For example, it’s best to post 10 pins daily, instead of posting 30 pins on Sunday and then another 30 on Thursday. 

And you can post as many times as you want! There’s no limit on how many pins you can post. 

Just make sure your content is high-quality and relevant to your audience’s interests.


5. Can’t I just repin the same image to the same board again, instead of creating a new pin?

Absolutely not. Not anymore.

This is a MAJOR Pinterest update for 2020.

Pinterest highly suggests only repinning the same pin once or twice a year to the same board, especially if it’s seasonal content.

Repetitive saving of the same pin can result in your pin being flagged as spam.

However, if you have the same pins already saved multiple times to the same board, you don’t need to go back and delete them. Leave them as is.


6. Can I repin the same pin to different boards?

Yes you can! However, make sure you’re repinning to a maximum of 10 relevant or related boards. 

For example, if your pin is about traveling to Europe on a budget, you could pin it to boards related to traveling, vacationing, budgeting tips, or travel hacks- to name a few.

And again, if you’re pinning seasonal content, such as Christmas decor ideas, you can repin the same pin again to the same board the following year. 



Final Thoughts: How To Get Free Website Traffic From Pinterest

I hope this post gave you an in-depth idea that Pinterest really does work.

And if a newbie like me can drive loads of free traffic to my website with Pinterest, I know it in my heart that you can too!

Just follow the Pinterest strategies mentioned in this post, be patient and most importantly- be consistent. 

What Pinterest strategies have been working for you? I’d love to hear from you! Drop me a comment below.

If you found this post about free website traffic from Pinterest helpful, kindly share it on Pinterest. Thanks a bunch!

How to get free website traffic with Pinterest

How to increase website traffic with Pinterest for free


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  1. Yasmin

    Great Insight Serish..
    So, basically, I’ve launched my blog, and now is the phase when I started build my traffic using pinterest, I do manual pinning, just started about 3/4 days ago, So, it is normal to get lower clicks during my first 3/4 days?
    How long do I need to get my clicks increasing like yours? Probably I need to wait 2 weeks at least to see the result? Need some help here..

    1. Post
      Serish | I Hated My Boss

      Congrats on launching your blog, Yasmin! I’ve seen an increase within a week of scheduling 3-4 new pins daily on Tailwind (in addition to pinning other pinner’s pins). However, not everyone will get the same results as I did. This is mainly due to several different factors: your pin title, design and description. I highly recommend downloading my Free Pin Design Checklist in this article. Let me know how it goes, would love to hear about your results!

  2. Chrissy @aplantoprosper

    This is a great article ! I’m trying to find a Pinterest strategy that works. Currently, my
    website gets around 700+ PV. I make 3-4 new pins a day and post daily plus share others pins to relevant boards. I think Tail Wind may just make it on my Christmas list this year! I did not know that fresh pins equaled new images. I’ll give your strategy a try October 1 and report back after 30 days! Thanks!

    1. Post
      Serish | I Hated My Boss

      Good morning Chrissy! I’m glad to hear this article was helpful. I’ve seen a significant increase in my blog traffic as soon as I started using new images, so it’s definitely worked. If manual pinning becomes a headache, you can always pin up to 100 pins on Tailwind for free. And yes! Please do let me know all about your progress, I’ll be looking forward to it 🙂

  3. Ellie | Sincerely Students

    Thanks for the great tips! I’m currently having a major issue with Pinterest right now and have no idea what to do. My impressions for each pin dropped from over 30k to less than 30 within 2 days, and I have no idea how to fix it. I believe I triggered Pinterest’s spam filters by repinning my own content too much (I’ve stopped doing that), but I still don’t know how I’m going to get my views back to normal.
    Do you have any idea on what I can do? Thanks again 🙂

    1. Post
      Serish | I Hated My Boss

      Hi Ellie! There can be several reasons why your Pinterest impressions significantly dropped- spam links, repinning other pinner’s pins that may lead to a spam link, repinning the same pins constantly, etc. I highly suggest creating several fresh new pins for each blog post and schedule them to establish a consistent pinning strategy. Also, when you scroll up a bit on this article, I have a free Pin Design Checklist you can download to help guide you. It includes all the elements I use to design clickable pins that have brought me over 800k in impressions. I hope this helps!

  4. Jasmine

    Very informative information. I am hoping it helps me increase my blog traffic. Right now i am only getting one view a day! I know yikes 😬

    1. Post
      Serish | I Hated My Boss

      Hi Jasmine! I’m sure you’ve heard this a million times but, consistency really is key. Simply follow the steps in this guide and post new content often. You’ll see results in no time. I know you got this!

  5. Brooke

    Hi! I loved your blog post it really helped! Super quick question relating to one of the questions asked above…..So can I repin the same pin to DIFFERENT boards? Like for example a child’s Easter crafts…Could I pin that to my “kids crafts” board….then to my “Easter crafts” board? Of course not on the same day…

    1. Post
      Serish | I Hated My Boss

      Hey Brooke! Yes, you can repin the same pin to different boards, but only to a maximum of ten (10) relevant/related boards. Prior to this change, we were able to repin to same boards multiple times. However, Pinterest now wants to see fresh new content, hence the change. Also, if your pin is seasonal, you could repin the same pin to the same board in the future (in your case- Easter crafts can be repinned to the same boards next year). I hope that made sense!

    1. Post
      Serish | I Hated My Boss

      Hey Newton! Thanks so much for the feedback. I’m glad this article was helpful 🙂

    1. Post
  6. Paul @ SideGains

    This is a really useful and up to date guide Serish… thanks for sharing it. I’ve been using tailwind for a couple of months now, but I’m getting nowhere near the success you’re having… I don’t know whether to be inspired or depressed!

    I’ll keep on working on it and trying different techniques within the tips you’ve given here.

    Thanks again.

    1. Post
      Serish | I Hated My Boss

      I appreciate the feedback, Paul! I saw a major spike in my Pinterest traffic within the first week of using Tailwind.

      Also, are you scheduling old pins or new ones? Pinterest is now favoring ‘fresh new pins’ so I highly recommend creating brand new pins for all blog posts (even old ones).

      And don’t be so hard on yourself– “There is no failure, except in no longer trying”- Elbert Hubbard 🙂

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