13 Best Shopify Sales Channels Apps

best shopify sales channel apps

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Today, we’re going to take a look at 13 best Shopify sales channels apps to increase your stores’ sales and conversions.

When I first migrated my online store to Shopify, I had absolutely no clue what a sales channel was.

But, after much research and several bottles of Vodka later– totally kidding, I was able to put together this list. 

Ok cool, but what exactly is a sales channel?!

A sales channel is a third-party pathway through which you market your products and services that can be purchased by customers.

In other words, you’re basically utilizing marketing services from anyone who doesn’t work directly for your company.

Why Sales Channels Are Important

Running an effective and lucrative online business comes with a host of ongoing challenges for new and existing business owners.

However, the key to maintaining growth is curbing complacency and diversifying your marketing strategy to reach new customers.

So…how do you amplify your reach? By employing third-party sales channels.

And a great way to start is through social media marketing. 

To put this into perspective, according to a report conducted by We Are Social and Hootsuite, the number of social media users around the globe has surged over the past one year.

This number has surpassed 3.5 billion– that’s nearly half of the world’s population!

13 Best Shopify Sales Channels Apps

Here I will guide you through a rundown of the best Shopify sales channels to boost your online store’s sales. 


1. Messenger

Pricing: FREE


“Sell products and provide customer support from Messenger”

best Shopify sales channel app Messenger

Did you know, there are more than 2 billion monthly Facebook users?

As a matter of fact, almost every person opens and reads their messages.

With the Messenger sales channel app, it allows your store to have better communication with your shoppers by answering their questions and providing product-related information.

And the fact that it’s free, there really should be no reason to utilize this app. 

Moreover, order status and delivery updates are sent directly to your customer’s Facebook Messenger.

Messenger Sales Channel

Here is what the Messenger sales channel includes:

  • allows shoppers to browse your store’s products
  • make purchases from your Messenger chat
  • send automated order and delivery updates
  • have real-time conversations with your customers by adding a “Message Us” button to your online website
  • customize the messages, buttons, and menu item titles to match your store’s theme
  • provide support to customers regarding their orders
  • fulfill Messengers orders from Shopify
  • most importantly, it tracks Facebook sales and analytics


2. Facebook

Pricing: FREE


“Sell from Facebook from the Shop section of your Facebook page”

Facebook sales channel app

In general, Facebook marketing is a powerful sales tool. 

Once you have created your Facebook business page and shop, this sales channel lets shoppers buy your products directly from Facebook.

You can also share your collections within Facebook and post shoppable product photos so that customers can check out directly on Facebook (U.S. stores using Shopify payments).

As a result, this will increase the discoverability of your store’s products, while you can also manage your products from Shopify.

Shopify Facebook sales channel

With the Facebook sales channel, you can:

  • add a Facebook Shop to your Facebook Page
  • manage the products on your Facebook Shop
  • arrange the order of the collections on your Facebook Shop
  • let customers check out on Facebook (US stores using Shopify Payments)
  • fulfill orders placed on Facebook
  • track Facebook sales using your sales channel overview and Analytics pages


3. Instagram

Pricing: FREE


“Sell on Instagram by tagging products in your posts and stories”

Instagram sales channel app

With over one billion users, Instagram offers businesses a huge potential audience.

Similar to the Facebook sales channel, in terms of shopping experience, the Instagram sales channel grows brand awareness.

It also introduces your products to their massive database of users while they browse their feed.

Moreover, you can tag up to 5 products per image and customers can checkout directly from the Instagram page without leaving the platform– all in one place.

Shopify Instagram sales channel

Here is what the Instagram channel offers:

  • add Instagram product tagging to your Instagram business profile
  • connect your store’s Facebook product catalog to your Instagram business profile
  • add shopping tags to your posts and stories. This allows customers to purchase from your online store without having to leave Instagram
  • fulfill orders placed on Instagram
  • make sure you have the Facebook channel prior to installing this app


4. Codisto- Amazon & eBay

Pricing: $29-$249/month

(Free 30-day trial)


“Sell on any Amazon and eBay site directly from Shopify.”

Codisto sales channel

If you store sells products on both Amazon and eBay, then Codisto is the sales channels you need to integrate your eBay and Amazon product catalog.

Basically, you can list your entire eBay and Amazon catalog in bulk and in minutes, which will save you loads of time.

Most importantly, all of your eBay and Amazon orders will be received in Shopify, while your inventory, pricing and product details are synced with Shopify.

Shopify Codisto

Here is what the Codisto sales channel includes:

  • sell on any of over 40 Amazon or eBay marketplaces globally
  • automate the creation of new Amazon ASINs
  • create new Amazon and eBay listings in bulk
  • link existing Amazon listings and eBay listings
  • supports all Shopify store currencies
  • keep orders, inventory, pricing and product details synced in real-time across all of your connected sales channels
  • set separate pricing, fulfilment rules & product details for Amazon and eBay listings based on your existing Shopify catalog data
  • 100% mobile optimized and fully compliant to sell on Amazon and eBay


5. eBay Connect

Pricing: FREE (100 products) – $79/month


“Import, export or sync your Shopify products with eBay.”

eBay Connect sales channel

If you currently sell on eBay, or planning to, this is an alternative sales channel to the one mentioned above.

You can export your eBay listings to Shopify, or import your Shopify products to eBay.

Another cool feature of this sales channel is the customizations offered. Brand your eBay store to match your Shopify store so that your listings can look and feel like your own brand.

Additionally, a free 14-day trial is available if you want to try it out and get a feel of it before committing to a monthly payment plan.

Plus, the first 100 products are free to list.

eBay Connect Shopify

With eBay Connect, you will be able to:

  • export your eBay listings to Shopify
  • create eBay listings fast and easily
  • you can also sync your Amazon products to Shopify
  • utilize the template builder or use your own custom template
  • create master and sub profiles for super fast listings
  • attach profiles which can be automatically updated across all your listings
  • powerful sync feature will update your listings or profiles
  • upload and edit your images with ease (including Dropbox)
  • create auto relist rules for closed listings
  • keep a history of your listings forever
  • keep track of your order
  • send customizable automated emails to your buyers about their order
  • built-in eBay messaging to keep in touch with your buyers
  • manage all your eBay accounts from a single interface
  • supports all major eBay markets (i.e. eBay UK, eBay Australia, eBay CA and rest)
  • automatically leave eBay feedback across multiple eBay accounts


6. Amazon

Pricing: FREE to install – $39/month

(requires Amazon Professional Seller Account)


“Sell on Amazon by listing your products and managing orders.”

Shopify Amazon sales channel app

With Amazon being the world’s largest online marketplace, amassing over 4 billion visits per month, it’s an excellent platform to sell your products on; especially for new eCommerce business owners. 

Not only can you create Amazon listings for your Shopify products or link your existing listings to Shopify, but you can also reach new customers.

It’s important to note, this sales channel app supports USD or CAD currencies only. 

Amazon sales channel app

Top features of the Amazon sales channel are as follows:

  • create Amazon listings for your Shopify products 
  • link your existing Amazon listings to your Shopify products (any product category)
  • add registered brands to create listings with your brand’s key attribute (no UPC/EAN required)
  • track your Amazon inventory
  • fulfill orders placed on Amazon
  • sell in USD or CAD
  • track Amazon sales using your Home sales overview and Analytics pages


7. Point of Sale

Pricing: FREE to install (transaction fees apply)


“Sell anywhere. Accept any payment. Grow your business.”

best shopify sales channel app Point of Sale

Do you sell products offline– at tradeshows or in-store? 

With the free card reader, Point of Sale gives you the luxury to accept credit card payments anywhere in person.

This includes physical storefronts or businesses who sell their products at trade shows, markets, pop-ups, and pretty much anywhere else. 

Another cool feature of this sales channel app is that you can email custom receipts and special offers to your customers. 

point of sale

Here is what the Point of Sale sales channel offers:

  • instantly start selling as soon as you download the app
  • securely accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Apple Pay, and Android Pay payments with the Shopify credit card reader
  • process all credit cards at the same rate with no hidden fees for as low as 2.2% + 0¢
  • email custom receipts with discounts and return policies
  • encourage repeat business by adding discounts to orders
  • manage multiple locations at once
  • automatically set up sales taxes based on location
  • in addition, gain business insights using sales reports and analytics
  • issue refunds right on the spot


8. Buy Button

Pricing: FREE


“Sell your products on any website or blog.”

Buy Button Shopify sales channel

This sales channel basically lets shoppers buy your products from any website or blog.

For example, you can include the Buy Button on your WordPress blog and shoppers can easily checkout from the page they are visiting, without being redirected.

Once you customize the font, colors and layouts to match your website’s design, simply copy and paste the HTML code to your platform of choice.

Also, you have the option to send shoppers to your store’s checkout page to complete their purchase.

Shopify buy button

With the Buy Button sales channel, you can:

  • use the Buy Button editor to build buttons with custom fonts, colors, and layouts
  • update product details from Shopify, without needing to edit the code on your website or blog
  • fulfill orders for customers that are placed using Buy Buttons and checkout links
  • also track sales using your Home sales overview and Analytics pages
  • create fast and easy checkout links to promote products


9. Jioukou Group Buying

Pricing: $24-$360

(Free 14-day trial)


“Using group buying let customers bring more new customers”

shopify sale channel group buying

Now this is a really cool concept. Group Buying is a conversion marketing tool that offers your customers discounts when they invite friends and family to buy together. 

This will incentivize your customers to make more future purchases and as a result, increase your store’s sales. 

Apart from that, this platform allows you to expand your customer base by gaining new customers and increase retention. 

What I like most about this sales channel, customers who buy in groups receive separate checks. This makes it easy for customers to complete a purchase and not be responsible for someone else’s order. 

Shopify Group Buying

Here is what the Jioukou sales channel offers:

  • display the group buying button on the product detail page
  • our customers can choose to buy directly or buy together with group-buying discounts.
  • easy to setup
  • setup the group buying rules to enable group buying button on the product page
  • you can also adjust the rules depending on feedback received from your customers
  • in group pay, friends can finish the payment by themselves
  • customers in group buying receive separate checks
  • thus, customers don’t have to help their friends pay or place an order


10. Carro Influencer Marketing

Pricing: FREE


“Discover influencers that are already your fans and customers.”

Carro influencer Shopify

Increase revenue and brand awareness, while also saving time that you would spend searching for and contacting random influencers.

A pretty unique concept– Carro scans your data sources for influencers who may already engage with your brand either as a customer, subscriber or a follower.

By teaming up with your most influential customers and offering a partnership to promote your products, Carro will help build long-term relationships.

Shopify Carro sales app

Top features of the Carro sales channel are:

  • scans for influencers
  • you are notified as soon as influencers are found
  • work with influencers to sell your products directly on the Carro store
  • be informed when an influencer, press or media contact engages with your brand
  • reduces the time you spent on looking for influencers
  • integrates with Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Instagram and Facebook


11. Etsy Marketplace Integration

Price: $30-$60/month

(Free 7-day trial)


“Sync and automate to selling process from Shopify to Etsy.”

Etsy sales channel Shopify

With over 40 million active buyers, market your Shopify products on Etsy’s platform.

Flawlessly list and sync your Shopify products on Etsy without any hassle, in just a few clicks!

Shopify Etsy channel

With the Etsy Marketplace Integration sales channel, you can:

  • set up your seller panel to sell from Shopify to Etsy
  • import all your desired products in the app
  • list your products on Etsy with just a few clicks
  • customize desired information before sending them to Etsy marketplace
  • Etsy orders, shipping and tracking will sync on your Shopify store
  • group products based on different product properties (i.e. product type, vendor, etc.)
  • ability to unlist desired products from the app
  • manage your product inventory and price
  • set currency according to the region you are selling your products
  • dashboard widget to lift your rankings based on trending title and tags
  • list and sell digital downloadable products


12.  Wish Marketplace Integration

Price: $30-$50/month (billed once per year)

(Free 10-day trial)


“List, sync, manage, and automate to boost sales on Wish.”

Shopify Wish integration

Wish is a shopping app, similar to Amazon and eBay.

Impressively, it’s the third-biggest e-commerce marketplace in the United States by sales, with 90 million people who use it at least once per month.

With the Wish Marketplace Integration, you can list and sell your products on Wish.com in only a single click.

Wish Shopify sales channel

Top features of this sales channel are:

  • easily manage your products, orders, and inventory
  • real-time synchronization with your Shopify store
  • receive 24/7 committed help by specialized technical help
  • various custom features to manage your shipping and price on Wish
  • update your items in mass via CSV (export, import, and update)
  • orders received on Wish.com will automatically sync with your Shopify store
  • shipping and tracking details will sync from your Shopify store to Wish
  • custom pricing- update the cost of your items by settled cost or settled rate
  • manage your shipping settings according to various country or region
  • set inventory limits and receive low-stock notifications
  • you can also auto cancel orders


13. Sellbrite

Pricing: $20-$160/month

(Free 14-day trial)


“The easiest way to sell on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Walmart, and more.”

Sellbrite Shopify sales channel

Last but not least, we have the Sellbrite sales channel app. 

Simply put, this app enables Shopify store owners to effortlessly list and sell their products on the world’s largest online marketplaces.

This sales channel stands out from other similar ones if your store sells its products on multiple different online marketplaces, such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Walmart, etc.

Shopify Sellbrite

Top features of the Sellbrite sales channel are:

  • quick to set up and easy to use
  • upon installation, your Shopify products are automatically imported into Sellbrite
  • sell everywhere by connecting as many marketplace accounts as you want to a single Sellbrite account
  • bulk list your inventory to eBay, Amazon, Jet, Walmart and more, in just seconds
  • save listing options in Templates to make launching new listings quick and easy
  • with listing management, changes made to products within Shopify will update in Sellbrite immediately. In addition, it gets passed on to the marketplaces too
  • you can also create unlimited custom and pre-saved listing templates in advance
  • easily create variation listings, with complete inventory management on each variant item
  • moreover, with super-fast inventory sync, it automatically adjusts and syncs inventory. Thus, avoiding overselling of products you no longer have in-stock
  • with multi-warehouse support, make available inventory from all of your warehouse locations for sale on your listings
  • additionally, this app supports Fulfillment By Amazon. Therefore, allowing you to sell your FBA inventory on your Shopify store and other marketplaces. 
  • with centralized fulfillment, marketplace orders get sent to your Shopify store. So you can fulfill all orders from a single interface
  • moreover, tracking numbers are automatically sent back to the marketplace where the order took place

In Conclusion

Remember, every brand’s business model is unique, so test out which platform works best for you.

I hope this article has provided some insight about Shopify’s sales channels.

As always, I would love to hear from you! Comment below and let me know which sales channels you currently have installed, or will be testing after reading this post.

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