19 Best Shopify Apps to Increase Online Sales (Most Are FREE!)

19 best shopify apps to increase online sales in 2020 free

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Looking for the best Shopify apps to increase online sales? This guide will make it easy for you!

There are over 3,200 Shopify apps you can choose from. This makes it overwhelmingly difficult for store owners to find the right app for their online Shopify store.

Whether you’re a new Shopify user, or simply looking for ways to boost sales, it’s not always easy filtering through a massive directory of apps. 

Having the right apps can help you increase sales and grow your online business much faster.

So to make it easy for you, I’ve tried and tested 19 of the best Shopify apps to increase online sales and conversions.

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19 Best Shopify Apps of 2021 to increase online sales

(This post contains affiliate links. I only recommend products and services I absolutely love. Thanks for your support!)

19 Best Shopify Apps to Increase Online Sales (Most Are FREE!)

Below I’ve highlighted the best Shopify apps that will supercharge your sales and increase the overall functionality of your store.

Let’s get right to it!


1. Best Currency Converter

Pricing: FREE – $9.95/month


Best Currency Converter App

If you ship products to customers outside of your country, then this is a must-have app for your online store.

The Best Currency Converter tool lets your customers see prices of your products in their local currency by automatically converting prices.

In addition, it makes the shopping experience for your visitors easy and helps increase your store’s revenue.

Best Currency Converter Demo

Key Features:

  • over 160 currencies offered, including Bitcoin
  • converts prices instantly, on any theme, and any device
  • currency rates get updated twice a day
  • automatically selects the currency based on customer’s location
  • choose from 3 beautiful designs


2. Announcement Bar & Web Push

Pricing: FREE – $149/month


Shopify Announcement Bar

In case you’re wondering what web push notifications are, these are small, real-time messages that appear as an alert on your customer’s desktop or mobile browser.

It’s a great way to keep in touch with your visitors, even after they exit your website

Overall, the goal of this app is to increase conversion rates and effectively engage with your store visitors in an attempt to bring them back to your website.

Moreover, it keeps your visitors up-to-date on special offers, new products, abandoned cart, and an array of other marketing objectives.


web push notifications demo


Key Features:

Web Push Notifications

  • manually compose and easily schedule your push notifications
  • schedule the notifications for the best time of the day
  • grab new visitor attention by presenting an offer to kick start your relationship
  • help users convert and drive more sales by sending abandoned cart reminders to customers who didn’t complete a purchase
  • customers can subscribe to “back in stock” push notifications and be informed when a product is restocked
  • alert your customers when the price of a product they’re interested in drops

Shopify Web Push Notifications App

Announcement Bar

  • free shipping
  • special offers
  • discount Codes
  • animated effects
  • create multiple announcement bars on different pages
  • choose from several different announcement bar templates
  • add any announcement to attract and market store products
  • responsive and optimized for desktop, mobile and tablet

Shopify App Announcement Bar

Countdown Timer

Another great feature of this app is the countdown timer. This will inform shoppers about special offers or limited-time promotions, and motivate them to make a purchase before time runs out.

Ultimately, it’ll help build urgency and increase the overall order value.

  • create multiple timers
  • add start and end time
  • schedule timer for a specific start and end time

Shopify Countdown Timer App


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Debutify Free Shopify Theme 

3. Form Builder

Pricing: FREE – $10/month


Form Builder Shopify

Most Shopify themes, especially the free ones, don’t include a contact form.

As a top priority, your website should be user-friendly and customers should be able to get in touch with you easily.

Therefore, a contact form is essential for any online business. Not only Form Builder is not only super easy to install, but it’s also mobile-friendly.

Additionally, you can customize unlimited forms to match your store’s color scheme.

Form Builder App customize

Key Features:

  • optimized for any device
  • integrate with Google Analytics
  • build your form in ANY language
  • set up custom thank you messages
  • receive an email from each response
  • create flexible and detailed contact forms
  • fully customizable fields (i.e. texts, fonts, and colors)
  • enable reCAPTCHA to prevent spam submissions


4. HelpCenter- Build an Attractive FAQs Page

Pricing: FREE – $4.95/month


HelpCenter Shopify App

As a form of transparency, it’s important to address the needs of your customers by answering frequently asked questions (FAQs) about your store’s products.

And this app helps you do just that by creating a professional looking FAQs center, all in one page.

Plus, building an attractive and professional looking FAQs page for your customers helps improve your website’s SEO.

Remember, if customers are unable to find specific information about your store or products, this may result in loss of sales.

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shopify app FAQs page

Key Features:

  • offers a modern design
  • instantly help your customers
  • you’ll save a lot of Support Team time
  • easy set-up: build a page in 10 minutes
  • easy to navigate and searchable FAQs page
  • publish searchable articles, sections and categories
  • customizable to match your store’s design (i.e. colors and fonts)
  • enables your customers to submit questions they can’t find the answer to



5. Instafeed

Pricing: FREE – $19.99/month


Best Shopify App Instafeed

Do you currently have an Instagram business account? If not, I highly suggest you get on that quick!

Instagram has undoubtedly become an essential social media tool for businesses to generate more leads and boost engagement; surpassing a billion users worldwide.

With the InstaFeed app, you can integrate your Instagram posts to your website. This typically appears near the bottom of your website or homepage, but you can add it wherever you’d like. 

What’s more, Instafeed enables you to build social proof, increase brand awareness and ultimately help drive sales.

Instafeed Shopify app

Key Features:

  • fully customizable
  • image and video support
  • automatic Instagram feed updates
  • create shoppable Instagram feeds
  • compatible with all Shopify themes
  • does not interfere with your page speed
  • fully responsive and optimized for desktop and mobile



6. FREE Tabs- Product Page Tabs

Pricing: FREE


free tabs app

Did you know some of the top reasons why customers return goods or file disputes is because the product did not fit, arrived late, or was not as described?

So to help reduce your return rate, a best practice is to include as much product information as possible, and directly on the product page.

Thankfully, the Free Tabs app lets you do just that.

Make your customers’ shopping experience seamless by adding product tabs, all while giving your store a more professional and sleek user interface.

free Tabs app demo

Furthermore, you can make your website’s important content visible and easily accessible for customers.

For instance, displaying your return and shipping information directly on the product page not only helps customers make an informed decision, but it’ll also help reduce disputes.

free tabs

Key Features:

  • mobile friendly tabs
  • integrated with Shopify Reviews
  • customizable product tab ideas:
    • support tabs
    • ingredients tab
    • return policy tabs
    • privacy policy tabs
    • product description tabs
    • shipping information tabs
    • questions and answers tabs
  • easy click and install with no coding required
  • customize text colors, background colors, borders and padding



7. Sales Pop 

Pricing: FREE – $129/month


sales pop app

Now this is a pretty neat app to help drive conversions!

By far one of the best Shopify apps to rev up your online sales, Sales Pop will make your store look busy and popular.

So check this: when people visit your website, a pop-up appears with recent customer purchases.

Most importantly, it helps build trust and authenticity with your visitors when pop-ups of recent purchases are displayed.

In fact, this is an excellent app for new stores without an established brand, as the sales notification will influence website’s visitors to buy from you.

To get a better idea of how this app works, take a look at this example:

sale pop topglamshop sample

Key Features:

  • real-time sales pop ups
  • multiple templates to choose from
  • customize to your store’s colors and styles
  • choose where on the page to display your pop ups
  • import orders from your store as far back as 2 years
  • geolocation- let visitors know your product and services are available in their area
  • offers in-depth analytics where you can see insights on clicks and views
  • no coding required but you may customize further using CSS


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Debutify Free Shopify Theme 

8. Spin to Win

Pricing: FREE – $9.99/month


spin to win seacomapp

Add extra flair to your website with this trendy and interactive sign-up form!

Spin to Win offers a fun and unique way to help drive leads and collect visitor’s emails for future email marketing.

Basically, a “wheel-of-fortune” like pop-up design appears on your website and visitors can choose to play for discounts and prizes.

Once a visitor completes the required fields, he or she will spin the wheel and as a result, receive a prize.

What’s more, you get to choose the prizes (i.e. discount codes, free shipping, free product, etc.) and the winning frequency of each prize. 

And it’s truly a win-win: Your visitors win a prize, and in exchange, you gain their email address and increase the likelihood of them making a purchase.

spin to win top glam shop

Key Features:

  • grow your email list
  • easily customize the front end
  • customize text and colors to fit your website’s design
  • optimized to work on all devices
  • offer discount codes to customers to increase sales
  • adds value to customers by offering coupons
  • visual reports available
  • easily export subscribers list
  • one click install with no coding required



9. Countdown Timer Bar

Pricing: FREE – $9.99/month


best shopify app countdown timer bar

When promoting special events, limited-time promotions or product launches, display a countdown timer on the header of your website.

This is a great way to encourage visitors to take immediate action so they don’t miss out on the sale or promotion you’re running.

By doing so, you create a sense of urgency for visitors to make their purchase as soon as possible, or before the timer expires. Hence, resulting in conversions.

Shopify CTB app

Key Features:

  • multiple types of countdown timers: generic, periodic, daily/weekly, and visitor session
  • schedule start and end times
  • customizable colors and font settings
  • select template design from various different styles
  • choose where to display the timer on your website
  • display timer on desktop and mobile devices
  • call-to-action button on the bar
  • add a link to the countdown bar
  • create unlimited discount bars to display on different pages



10. Sales Motivator Bar by Revy

Pricing: FREE – $4.99/month


sales motivator by revy shopify

Who doesn’t love a good deal? Motivate your customers to spend more money by offering free shipping, discounts or gifts.

The Sales Motivator app gives your customers a good reason to purchase more items by rewarding them, all while boosting your store’s sales.

Moreover, you can create four different types of automatic discounts to encourage customers to make a purchase.

For instance, the discount categories will offer either free shipping, a free gift, buy one get one free, or a specific amount off the cart value. 

best shopify app sales motivator

Key Features:

  • fully customizable colors, fonts, and more to fit your website’s design
  • choose from 4 automatic discounts
  • target specific countries
  • optimized for desktop and mobile screens
  • will not interfere with your page speed
  • quick and easy setup
  • no coding required



11. Oberlo

Pricing: FREE – $79.90/month


Oberlo app for Shopify

Oberlo is a great dropshipping app that connects you with an online marketplace of products and suppliers.

Let me explain how this works…

When you receive an order, you will fulfill it through the Oberlo app. Thereafter, your supplier will ship the product(s) directly to your customer. 

By having your supplier ship products to your customers, it minimizes overhead costs. More importantly, you won’t have piles of inventory laying around.

best Shopify app Oberlo

Key Features:

  • fulfill multiple orders with one-click
  • offers in-depth product statistics when looking for products to sell
  • adds products directly from Aliexpress with just a few clicks
  • product page customization
    • change title, description and images of products
  • have full control in tracking your orders
  • automatically updates price and inventory levels
  • free Chrome extension
  • 24/7 customer support



12. Ultimate Sales Boost

Pricing: FREE – $29.99/month


Ultimate sales boost Shopify

This app shines from the others as it displays urgency on product pages, collections, cart and the checkout page.

Not only will it help drive more sales by displaying trust badges to boost your customer’s buying confidence, but it’ll also help them make purchase decisions faster.

In a nutshell, the Ultimate Sales Boost app is basically an all-in-one solution for displaying different promotional offers at the same time, without having to install multiple apps.

For instance, you can include a countdown timer, free shipping, sales sticker and also an inventory countdown icon that is displayed on all product pages. 

ultimate sales boost app

Key Features:

  • promotional image overlay
  • message label
  • get-it-by timer
  • BOGO (buy one, get one)
  • low stock warning
  • viewing customer number
  • recently sold number
  • payment gateway icons on product page
  • trust badges and seals on product page
  • reserved timer on cart page
  • BOGO upsell on cart page
  • countdown timer on product and collection page
  • one-click installation, no coding required



13. Privy Exit Pop Ups & Email

Pricing: FREE – $20/month


Privy app

Next, we have the Privy app. With nearly 25,000 reviews, this app must be doing something right! 

Capture and convert visitors into loyal customers through exit pop-ups, targeted promotional banners, landing pages, email marketing and much more.

In particular, the exit-intent pop-up is one of the coolest features of this app.

Basically, when a visitor attempts to exit your website, a special offer will suddenly appear.

This is to entice and encourage your visitors to browse your website longer. The more time they spend in your store, the higher the chances of conversion.

Moreover, Privy offers a free 15-day trial. Give it a try and see how it improves your store’s cart conversions!

Privy Shopify App

Key Features:

  • fully customizable pop-ups
  • exit intent pop-ups
  • spin to win wheel
  • promotional banners
  • coupon code integration
  • announcement bars
  • free shipping bars
  • send autoresponders and email reminders
    • newsletters
    • abandoned cart emails
    • order follow-up emails
  • send order follow up text messages
  • run automated A/B split tests
  • real-time reporting
  • sync new contacts to 50+ email marketing services

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14. Recart FB Messenger Marketing

Pricing: Free Trial – $29/month


Recart FB Messenger Shopify

As email opening rates are decreasing, automated chat conversations (or chat bots) are driving website traffic and boosting engagement with store visitors.

The new way to do business, Facebook Messenger marketing is becoming the biggest marketing channel.

With more than 2 billion monthly Facebook users, the Recart FB Messenger sends promotions, order and delivery updates, as well as abandoned cart messages directly to your customers’ Facebook messenger. 

Shopify app Recart Messenger

In addition, you have the ability to customize automated campaigns, such as frequently asked questions. By doing this, you are providing immediate support to your customers, which helps build trust. 

Most importantly, it’s an excellent time to take advantage of this concept before it becomes a common practice.

For instance, when you send email newsletters to your customers, most emails are automatically sent to their “promotions” folder. Unfortunately, your email goes unnoticed.

However, with Facebook Messenger, almost every person opens and reads their messages. 

Recart Messenger Shopify

Key Features:

  • one-click Messenger subscription tool
  • abandoned cart reminders
  • welcome messages
  • order receipts
  • promotional messages
  • new products messages
  • product feedback requests
  • latest news messages
  • product review requests
  • shipping and delivery notifications


Debutify Free Shopify Theme 

15. Quick View

Pricing: FREE – $49.99/month


Quick View app

Shave crucial seconds off your customers’ shopping experience by removing many obstacles, such as additional clicks it may take to purchase a product.

With the Quick View app, your website visitors can view product details in a pop-up window, without being redirected to another page.

Although I feel this feature should be automated into all free Shopify themes, unfortunately it’s not.

Nonetheless, the quick view feature is free with this app, so make sure you tap into this!

Shopify Quick View demo

Key Features:

  • instant product detail preview
  • fully customizable pop-up designs
  • fancybox based pop-up
  • add products to the cart
  • update shopping cart
  • supports all major browsers
  • promotional bar
  • add guarantee label
  • one-click to checkout
  • sale icon with total save percent
  • Google Analytics integration
  • one-click installation, no coding required



16. SEO Image Optimizer

Pricing: FREE – $24.99/month


SEO Image optimizer Shopify

Are you familiar with SEO and how it works? If not, I highly suggest you read my SEO for beginners post first.

I can’t stress enough on just how important SEO is for every single online business to succeed.

Now, for those familiar with this practice, the SEO Image Optimizer is one the best Shopify apps to help improve your SEO ranking and increase your website traffic.

Additionally, this app provides a comprehensive report that outlines which products contain SEO issues, as well as your SEO score and page speed. 

This will allow you to instantly diagnose and fix the errors. 

Shopify app SEO optimizer

Key Features:

  • one-time set up
  • runs SEO improvements automatically
  • select default template or create your own
  • provides report on SEO issues
  • provides SEO score, SEO audits and page speed
  • processing 15x faster than previously
  • one-click install, set up within 30 seconds



17. Product Reviews

Pricing: FREE


Shopify Product Reviews app

Product reviews help build trust and loyalty with your shoppers, and it encourages other wbsite visitors to buy your products as well.

In fact, continuous studies show consumers heavily rely on product reviews when making a purchase decision.

With the Product Reviews app, you can display customer-submitted reviews on product pages. Even more, you can easily customize the layout, texts and colors without any coding, whatsoever.

Not only do you have the ability to manage the reviews by opting to publish, hide or filter the reviews, but you can also import and export them onto a spreadsheet.

Best Shopify app Product Reviews

Key Features:

  • theme-friendly design
  • reviews automatically match your store’s design
  • easy customization
    • edit layout options
    • texts
    • colors
  • bulk actions
    • publish
    • hide
    • filter
    • manage reviews
  • import and export your reviews
  • seo friendly review scores
  • add review scores to your Google search results



18. Frequently Bought Together

Pricing: $7.99/month (30-day FREE Trial)


Frequently bought together shopify app

If you have visited Amazon’s website (highly likely), then you must have noticed how you can add several different related products with just one-click. 

Similar to Amazon’s upsell feature, you too can boost your store’s revenues by offering related product bundles with the Frequently Bought Together app. 

So, how exactly does this work? Well, this app analyzes and collects data on previous purchases made in your online store.

Shopify Bundle Products app

Then, it recommends those particular products to your visitors. 

As a result, this strategy increases cart value and leads to higher conversions. 

Furthermore, you can add an automatic bundle discount to upsell more products.

Shopify app frequently bought

Key Features:

  • fully customizable user interface
    • font
    • sizes
    • bold
  • select position of the widget
  • show ratings from the most popular review apps
  • display ‘compare at’ prices of the recommendations
  • skip cart and redirect to checkout
  • ability to manually create your own product bundles
  • apply automatic percentage discount



19. Aftership Returns Center

Pricing: FREE – $99/month


Shopify Aftership Returns app

Lastly, we have the Aftership Returns Center app.

There will be times when your customers will want to return or exchange a product.

In fact, by streamlining the return/exchange process, it will help relieve you of the hassles of managing return requests.

best Shopify app Aftership

Moreover, it’ll improve your brand’s image and help build customer loyalty.

With Aftership, your customers can easily submit return requests with just a few clicks.

Plus, the design looks clean, professional and most importantly, it’s mobile-optimized. 

Aftership Shopify App mobile

Key Features:

  • fully customizable return forms
    • branded logo
    • custom URL
    • your store’s return policy
  • track and manage all returns in one place
  • automatically generate or manually upload prepaid labels
  • automatically generate an RMA# once return is submitted
  • set up eligibility rules to prevent non-returnable orders
  • set shipping rates based on the region and reason of returns
  • integrates with UPS, USPS and Postmen


Final Thoughts: 19 Best Shopify Apps to Increase Online Sales

That’s all folks! We just explored 19 best Shopify apps to increase online sales. 

I hope this article has helped improve your Shopify store’s functionalities beyond the basics that are offered.

How many apps do you currently have running on your Shopify store? If you know of any other Shopify apps best to boost sales, let me know in the comments below!

19 Best Shopify Apps of 2021 to increase online sales


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