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My Story I Hated My Boss Make Money Online

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So, you’re getting ready to leave work after pulling a long shift, but your boss reminds you that you still have 8 hours remaining…


Nor will he or she allow you to take a 3-hour lunch break without writing you up.


You’re absolutely tired of this mistreatment and just about ready to walk out and quit.


Sound familiar?


Ok, maybe it didn’t go quite like that but if you’re here today, you probably:


  • Want to ditch that boring 9-5
  • Want financial freedom and flexibility
  • Feel undervalued in your current role
  • Want to start a new business/blog
  • Want to grow your current blog/business


Or you just simply…hate your boss.


Well then, hello! I’m glad you’re here!




Heyyy Everybahdy! I’m Serish– pronounced kinda like ‘Cherish.’


I teach people with an entrepreneurial mindset (you!) how to start, scale and market their online business or blog.


Wanna grow your existing blog or business? I gotchu!


So, how’d I get here?


Well, I don’t really have a rags to riches story for ya (my sincere apologies), but what I can tell you is…


I really did hate my boss.


I know, such a harsh word…but at the age of 21, that’s how I felt.


(We’re Facebook friends now, so it’s all love!)


For several years, I was managing at a reputable financial firm– breaking my back 10-12 hours a day, six days a week.


Overwhelmed with the corporate pressure and tired AF, I literally walked into work one day and told myself: “Today’s gonna be your last day.”


At the end of my typical 10 hour shift, I turned in my keys, said eff this $*&! and walked out.


And honestly, it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made.


Since, I’ve successfully lauched a business in the fashion and digital marketing field, and have traveled to 26 countries and counting.


In fact, I’m currently living in beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico because it’s cheap, I’m cheap and tacos are only $0.75/ea.


A photo by yours truly:


Puerto Vallarta Mexico IHMB


Proudly, I’m San Fransciscan born and bred (Bay Area represent!)


I am blessed to be living the life I live. Though it didn’t come easy, it’s been SO worth it!


There are just so many benefits to working from home.


I can travel any time I want, live anywhere I want, spend more time with my loved ones, and most importantly…I am my own damn boss.


And I get it, not everyone has the luxury to quit their job.


But that’s why I’m here…


I motivate people to walk out.


Just kidding!


No, but really…


I’m here to provide you with the necessary tools and free resources so you can get your blog or online business off the ground.


And because you’re still here reading, that alone tells me you have the drive, the willpower and entrepreneurial mindset to start this journey to financial freedom.


You just need the right tools to get you started and I will show you how.


It’s possible, it’s doable, and you can do it.


So, why am I helping people?


Simply put:


I am OBSESSED with blogging and helping other people reach their goals.


Here’s the thing…


After quitting my bank job, I ended up moving back home with mommy dearest (love you mom!).


With the little savings I had, I tried doing a number of different things to make a living (the legal way, of course).


I worked as an independent contractor for title companies as a Notary Signing Agent.


I sold women’s clothing on eBay as a side hustle.


Later, I migrated my eBay store to WordPress and started an online clothing store.


And in its very first year of launching, my online shop brought in $80,000 in sales.


I’ve traveled to 26 countries, bought me a sports car, and though I don’t care for luxury brands….


I bought my very first Gucci handbag (wow, big deal)– I used it so much that the handle ripped off two months later, RIP.


Fun fact: My mom later took it to Pakistan and got the handle replaced for 2 bucks.


(Never bought a luxury brand since…thought I’d share)


You know, just enjoying that thousandaire lifestyle.


But that was all short-lived.


In 2016, Instagram changed their chronological algorithm.


I woke up one morning to barely any website traffic and NO sales.


Because I solely relied on Instagram marketing, and hadn’t created an email list to keep in touch with my website visitors, my sales took a massive nosedive and went from $80k to ZERO. 


Yup, just like that.


It was a very difficult time for me because I basically had to start all over again from scratch.


So I began researching day and night to find solutions to boost my website traffic and increase online sales.


And I kept seeing these Facebook and Instagram ads on how to “skyrocket website traffic and sales instantly.”


All I had to do was attend these free, hour-long webinars.


And so I did.


…Just to find out in the end that I would have to pay $1,997 for their online course.


Say what?!


Dude, who the heck has that kinda money?!


I mean, do you not know why I’m here in the first place? — I’m broker than the brokest!


Thank God I didn’t have that kinda money cuz man, those sales pitch are persuasive as heck when you’re desperate.


Anywho, I kept pushing and after months of testing different strategies, my website traffic and online sales started to pick back up again.


I discovered the world of SEO and my business started to BOOM.


But with all this, I just never felt fulfilled.


Something was missing and I just couldn’t pinpoint it.


Until one day, my eldest sister (rest in heaven) suggested that I start blogging by sharing my knowledge with new entrepreneurs who can use my help.


“Blogging?! LMAO!”


“Who the heck reads blogs?! Ain’t no one got time for that!”


Man, little I did know about the world of blogging.


Thanks to my sis encouraging me and my brother hitting me with some motivational talks, I decided to give it a go.


And once I started writing several different articles…


I was hooked.


I didn’t realize how many lives I could positively impact by sharing the tips and strategies I’ve learned throughout the years.


Why didn’t I do this earlier?!


Quite frankly, I’m glad I didn’t.


Because had I not I faced those challenges and struggles, I wouldn’t be in this position to help so many people today.


Before I head out…


If you want to begin your blogging journey and don’t know where to start, grab my FREE 7-day course on How to Start a Money-Making Blog.


I share tips and strategies that will help get your blog off the ground, and I’ve also included a free blog launch checklist, along with a weekly goal planner, to help you stay motivated throughout your blogging journey.


No gimmicks, no fluffs, and no long webinars with a luxury price tag….it’s totally free.


All that’s needed is your willingness to start.


I hope the content I create helps you start your journey to financial freedom, flexibility and the lifestyle you deserve.


I’d love to meet you (digitally), so come and say hi on Facebook!


Don’t be a stranger, stranger 😉


Talk soon,